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The Best Solution For Hair Loss Is Our Hair Loss Integration System SHL.

I have been specializing in hair extensions for over 5 years and understand how much your hair can affect your confidence. If your hair is thin or fine, doesn’t appear to be growing, or you can’t seem to produce the styles you desire, we understand how depressed you may feel.

I realize that nothing beats a full head of voluminous hair, whether it’s waking up with long, thick locks or being able to mimic your favorite celebrity looks.

However, for people who are experiencing hair loss and thinning, this appears to be far from the case. In the past, the only options for concealing hair loss and thinning were wigs as a non-surgical remedy or a hair transplant for those prepared to undergo surgery that costs ten thousands dirhams. This meant that the outcomes were either somewhat unnatural appearing, or pricey and took months to show a discernible improvement. In light of this, and with my enthusiasm to improve, I have introduced the breakthrough hair loss mesh integration method to the UAE. I am happy to be the first in Dubai to offer this life-changing SHL method which I created by connecting 2 methods into one: hair loss integration system with hair extension system.


Hair loss integration system SHL are intended for people who have too little or too weak hair to wear extensions. Unlike wigs, the SHL system is permanently attached to the head using a breathable, hypoallergenic mesh, allowing it to be worn, cleaned, and styled much like real hair. The mesh is constructed entirely of hypoallergenic, lightweight material, making the system extremely pleasant and creating no strain to the hair or scalp. This lightweight mesh allows your natural hair to continue to grow normally. Color-matched natural human hair is interwoven with the mesh, blending seamlessly into your natural locks for a discrete look.

Why this SHL system is different from other hair loss integration methods?

  • There is NO need of glue which is often toxic to health.
  • There is NO need of using heat when fitting this system.
  • There is NO strong tension to the hair.
  • There is NO interference for scalp skin to breathe.
  • There is NO need to put it on/take it off everyday like it would be with a wig.


An initial consultation will always be planned at a day and time that fits for you before proceeding with a hair loss integration system SHL. Consultations are free and are used to review your needs and ensure that the system SHL is appropriate and can be individually customized for you. I will review several essential elements, such as your hair loss problems and medical history, as well as how the system will be functioning for you. This allows every part of your system to reflect your personal style, allowing you to reach your perfect length, thickness, and color hairstyle.The hair used in your system will be color matched to your natural shade for the most natural results; however, if you prefer something a little different, this can be arranged. Finally, the goal of the mesh integration system SHL  is to restore your confidence, allowing you to feel like yourself again, which means that results will always be tailored to the outcomes you have always desired!


The benefit of this mesh integration system SHL is that you may go about your hair habits as usual. As previously said, you may wash, dry, and style your hair integration system precisely as you would your natural hair because only 100% real human extensions are applied. Because of the breathable mesh, you will be able to work out normally, including going to the gym and swimming, while wearing your SHL system. If you decide to go swimming, we recommend avoiding getting your hair wet and using a deep conditioning treatment the following time you wash your hair to maintain it in great condition.

Chlorine may be harmful to extensions and leave them dry, so you’ll want to keep your locks nourished. Kevin Murphy shop has a lot of amazing conditioners and masks to lock the moisture in!

As with other forms of hair extensions, it is critical to follow the aftercare instructions provided to you. Using specially designed shampoo and conditioner is part of this. I totally love Nashi Argan hair products such as oils and detangling sprays and Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner sets.


Your mesh integration system can last up to 12 months if you take care of it and carefully follow the directions provided. I will always arrange a maintenance visit every six to eight weeks to tighten the system and guarantee that the mesh remains secure and the hair extensions are in perfect condition.


I am on a mission to make every client feel beautiful by giving them the hair of their dreams, so if you’d like to talk about your mesh integration system SHL choices, I am here to assist you. You are just a phone call or text message away from having the hair you always wanted!

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